Can't Open Toshiba Canvio 2tb USB 3.0 Desktop Hard Drive Enclosure!

Just to clarify that we're all talking about the same external hard drive, here's the link to its Newegg page. Toshiba conveniently names all of their external drives "Canvio" :fou: :

So, after a few months of use on this drive, I've finally decided to just crack the enclosure open so I could use it as my boot drive... Or so I thought.

The problem is, the case evidently isn't designed to be able to be opened. I've tried everything: pocket-knives, jewelers screwdrivers, and even zip-ties. Obviously, none of them worked.

I do want to save the enclosure though, as it isn't all that ugly, and on top of that, it's USB 3.0

Check out my Youtube:
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    See if these instructions help you. You will have to be careful to save the enclosure
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