Am I bottlenecking?

Hi I have an I5 3750 processor, corsair vengeance 1600 8gb, and GeForce gtx 660 superclocked. Am I bottlenecking anywhere? if I upgrade my ram to gaming ram would that do it? Thank you?
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  1. You don't mention what DRAM, Corsair has a number of sets at 1600 with a CLof 10 and even 11 which is slow...also on DRAM 8GB is good for gaming but not sure where you are....the CPU and GPU shouldn't have any bottlenecks between them
  2. At worst you are Cas 11, and even though it's sub-optimal, you will be just fine. Like Tradesman1 said, you aren't bottlenecking anywhere. You might be able to get better Ram, but I don't think you'd notice any difference. Just because you can benchmark and show a difference, doesn't mean you'll actually see a difference in gameplay.
  3. Or it could even be only 2-4GB that could be a bottleneck, which is why I brought up 8GB
  4. Tradesman1 said:
    Or it could even be only 2-4GB that could be a bottleneck, which is why I brought up 8GB

    He says 8gb, so I don't think that's the issue. "corsair vengeance 1600 8gb"
  5. Time for a nap, already been a long day ;)
  6. I know what you mean, no worries though, lol.
  7. Sorry for the lack of details my apologizes. Im running 2-4gb of ddr3 240 pin 1600 corsair vengeance.

    Also I have an asrock extreme 3 Intel board. What's the best and fastest ram I can use for gaming possible without bottlenecking anywhere.

    Thanks sorry again for missing details
  8. Like they said, changing your ram is not going to improve gaming.
  9. Well, lets go about this another way. Why do you feel you are bottlenecking? What game, what resolution, what graphical settings are you playing at?
  10. I don't feel like I am when just gaming but streaming I diffenently feel like I have a sharp performance drop.

    Also how do you know what components will work better with another one? I'm always looking to learn as much as I can.
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    Well, spend time reading reviews on different Cpu's, video cards, ram, motherboards etc. and you'll start to form your own opinion based on them. Also, spend time reading reviews from different websites as well. Generally, numbers don't lie and you can find what will work for you based on games played or workload needed for parts. I have Tom's bookmarked for reviews, as well as Anandtech; and also have techPowerup listed for a good reviews from other sites directory, as well as their own.

    Of course, everyone who posts suggestions on Tom's has their own parts preference/bias as well.
  12. Also, if you build, repair or do upgrades for others, whenever you get your hands on a new component, test it with whatever you can, that and other support is my primary reason for building a Haswell, I'm rather happy with my 3570K
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