My CM Seidon 240M isn't compatible with the cm HAF X 942! Why?!?!

Hello guys

Well, I finally decided to build my own gaming rig, however, while trying to install the CM Seidon 240m, I found out that I couldn't mount the thing that goes behind the motherboard (I don't know how it's called, english is not my first language) because the other two round spaces (where the seidon 240m cross thingy is supposed to go) are being obstructed by the CM HAF X plate...

Here are some photos I took so that you guys can see my problem:

Thank you in advance!
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    Yes, it does not fit if you don't take off the screws and lift the MB. So I add the link you can see that review. In the article they do remove the screws and lift MB up, and install bracket.
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