240GB SSD For gaming?

Will a 240GB SSD be sufficient enough for gaming purposes like storing games and such?
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  1. Yes, It would be very good for gaming as it will boot up your games 2x faster than a HDD.
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    A 240GB solid state drive can store quite a bit of data. However, you will have to check the storage requirements for each of your games and applications that you plan to install. Make sure to total space required does not exceed available space on the ssd. It is also a good idea to leave about 10% of the ssd's total capacity unused.
  3. I would say a 2TB HDD is suitable for that work, provided if you only want it for storage. If you want to install and play games on SSD, you would not gain much. Surely the game will load fast but the performance will be the same as on HDD. Generally people will use the SSD for OS and not for games. Hope it helps.
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