7970, GTX 760, 770 which should I choose?

Should I get the Sapphire 7970 for $320 USD.

Or the MSI Gaming GTX 760 4GB:

Or would the GTX 770 4gb really be worth the extra $170

Mostly gaming at 1080p , games like BF4, Watchdogs, next TES, AC4. I realize these games aren't out and no one can say for sure how well these cards will play them.

as these games won't come out for a couple months, should I just wait and pass up the deal on the 7970 to see if something better comes up on the 770?
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  1. If you are just playing at 1080p get a 2gb 770 and you will be sitting good.
  2. I would personally go with the 770 you have given as the MSI cooler cards are amazing and will outperform that 7970 on I think everything. But if your not in a rush and can deal with your current specs, whatever they are, then maybe wait for some deals, new cards etc.

    *edit what ajl2011shooter said above is also very true and will save you money, unless you have 2-3 monitors or are at 2560x1600 or something then 2gb is more than enough
  3. I am currently running a single Sapphire 7870GHz.
    I was looking at more VRAM since I play modded Skyrim and hopefully the next TES. would the 3GB 7970GHz be good for that with the 384bit memory bus @ 5.7Ghz memory? or do you think the GTX 760 4GB with 256 bit bus @ 6GHz would be a better decision if the 770 never comes to a price I feel like paying.

    I was looking at the MSI Gaming cards since they hookup and OC higher with the my MOBO since its MSI Gaming as well.
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    I would wait for the 9970, it's supposed to be a rampaging beast. But you never know XD
  5. If you are worried about the vram then go with a 4gb 770 if you can. If not the 4gb 760 would be the next best. IMO.
  6. i say saty with what you have or just get the gtx 760 ti as i can tell you like to buy many gpus alot
  7. I say a 4GB GTX 760 ^.^ Amazing for the price and also if you SLI them you can get GTX Titan performance for only $500 :D
  8. the 4gb gtx 760 is a gimmick, the graphics card can't use all that VRAM, so it's a waste of money, 2gb is more than enough, but if you do want lots of vram, get the 7950, comes with 384bit and 3gb VRAM, which it can actually use.
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