which is the best choice for the next generation games GTX660 GTX760 HD7950

if I buy the Nvidia GeForce GTX760 or hd7950 aria bottleneck my Intel i3-2120
or should I buy the Nvidia GeForce GTX660'll have some hope in this new generation games
estoi now with my Nvidia GeForce gtx650 2gb
which should I buy as to run battlefield 4 in medium or high
he change processor at 1 year but at the moment I have the i3.
which they believe to be the best option
eh been asking in various forums but as rebientan questions, I could answer the requirements of battlefield 4.
what would be the best option?. :??:
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  1. Yes, the i3 is a bad value for any gaming solution. At minimum get a FX 6300. Since you already have a MB, get the i5-3570k
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    yes get the i5 atleast so you wont bottleneck your GPU the i3 is a poor choice for a gaming cpu
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