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My power supply has been replaced and im down to the motherboard or CPU. My question is ..Can the CPU prevent the computer from turning on. The switch checks good and PSU are good. This leaves just the CPU or motherboard. I moved my HTPC to paint my room and the PC will not start again. I have checked everything in my powere but I was told that the actual CPU will not let the power supply from turning on.....TRUE or FALSE. There is no thermal shut down involved here it acts like a power supply but that is brand new. MOBO or CPU?
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  1. Do fans and HD spin up?
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    First of all what u shud try is taking out the cmos battery fr 10 min and then reinserting and trying it
  3. And if the fans run up an hdd too it might b the cpu but if not then mobo
  4. Sorry for the lack of info. Right now nothing fires up. No fans no drives , nothing. The PSU is good according to OCZ, it just arrived back from OCZ RMA certified OK. Originally the power supply fans came on and then the led lights on the motherboard and now nothing...DEAD. With the power supply hooked up and when you turn the main power switch on nothing happens. I have a Thermaltake 212 EVO cpu cooling fan and I have made sure that there is good contact with the thermal past (ARCTIC SILVER). Why this happened is a total mystery. All I did was unplug the PC and move it, and when I replugged it in to turn it back on...nothing The CPU is an AMD 6x 1100t with a Gigabyte mobo 880 chipset. These units are only a year old. I have to say that I have had Gigayte mobos fail before for no reason so the mobo is suspect. I did plug in another power supply and things worked. I sent the original power supply out for repair and OCZ said there was nothing wrong with it. They gave me a completely new unit and now nothing happens at all. I might buy a new PSU and try it before doing anything else .
  5. Make sure the connections are good at both the 20+4 connector and the 4/8 pin power cable connection by the CPU
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