should I buy a GTX 760 or wait for the 800 series

I am going to build my first build but don't know if I should just wait out to get a graphics card from next years 800 series. I was thinking of getting a 760 but the 800 series looks like it will be better. Can someone help me out? Also should I consider the radeon 9000 series?
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  1. The 760 JUST came out. I would recommend upgrading now if you need the upgrade. Buy for what you need now, not to try and future proof.
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    Well the 700 series was released not long ago, and although its more of a refresh of the gtx 600 series it brings some improvements. If you are building a machine now I would not wait for the gtx800 series, of course the gtx800s will be better but they are not in the near future. The gtx760 has performance similar to that of the gtx670 and it only costs $249, so its a pretty good value. As for the AMD 9000 series we will have to wait and see, it is rumored to come out in October and is supposedly based on the 20nm process.

    Hope this helps!
  3. definitely pick up the 760 right now and add a second one for sli in the future it'll be a strong decision
  4. That'd be a long wait for the 800 series so there's not much of a point especially when the 700 series was just released. Also AMD is still on the 7000 series and there's not much info on an 8000 series.
  5. I built my computer about 2 months before Nvidia released the 700 series. I really wish I waited those 700 series cards are really nice and a great value for what you get.
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