Need help choosing a Corsair case for my gaming/animation rig

Here's my build minus the OS and case:
It looks like Newegg is having a massive sale on corsair cases, and I can get the 300R for $50 or a 400R/500R for $70. As far as I can tell, the only differences that matter to me are cooling and possibly extra drive bays and noise levels. I plan on overclocking, though not to any extremes, so I was wondering if the extra cooling power (for now and for the future) would be worth the extra $20, or if there are other reasons to go with one case over the other (note: aesthetics are low on my priority list). I'm also open to suggestions for better cases in the same price range.
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  1. I probably shouldn't have posted this question at 2am...does anybody have any advice?
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    500R should be a beast. Get that, it is the best you can get for that budget. It also is a very good case. Awesome for performance and everything. If you can get it, then get it.
  3. Well after getting this one answer and doing some more research, I've decided I'll go with the 500R, since it does seem like a great value and will probably be better for the future as well.
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