Looking to Install XP on my Second HDD and Format My First.

Like in the title in looking to install XP on my second HDD and format My First.
I have a product code in my case for xp and 2 hard drives one 40 gb and the other 80 I want to have a fresh install of xp on the 40 and nothing else really steam games on the other... my current pc has many problems and viruses and I just want it new.
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  1. Turn the computer off. Unplug the PSU. Connect the new HDD. Close the case, plug in the PSU. Start it up. Jam DEL or whatever key is going to get you into the BIOS. Rework the boot order to boot from CD/DVD first. Insert Windows disk. Save and restart. When it asks, hit any key to boot from disk. When you get to the partition selection screen, (this is where Windows asks you where you want to install it) you'll want to select the old HDD (the one with windows already on it) and delete the partition. This will essentially wipe everything that's on that hard drive and leave it empty. Then you can select the new HDD to have Windows installed on it. Before doing so, I'd reselect the drive you just wiped clean and format it to NTFS. Or FAT32, whichever you find more use with. Don't leave it unformatted as it may lead to it not being recognized by the new Windows install. So now select the HDD and install windows on it. Go through the process, it'll restart a couple times. Once all is said and done, restart. Jam DEL or whatever button gets you to BIOS. Rework the boot order to boot from the new HDD (with Windows on it) first. Remove the Windows disk. Restart. Fin.
  2. JobCreator said:
    Insert Windows disk.

    I don't think I have one.
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