What should I get? Stick to intel or go for an amd?

So I am going from an intel i5 3470 to a Intel i7 4770k. But something bugs me. Is that I've been hearing AMD is getting better. I play games also. I love setting it to the max settings for some jaw dropping graphics. I also do 3d modeling. Like blender. Since I can't afford those top of the line 3d modeling softwares. Since I switched from a EVGA GTX 660 SC to a XFX Radeon 7870 DD I can't use CUDA. So I was wondering which would be faster in rendering? An i7 4470k or an amd. I don't know which AMD proc to get. My price range is the same as the i7. :)
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  1. both venders of cpu's have advantages.
    With AMD you can get a few more fps in games
    with Intel: cpu's tend to run cooler, and are good for rendering

    In my opinion, Stick with intell :)
  2. need to replace board you know..
  3. FX8350 would be more than enough for gaming. It also has advantage for Video editing and 3D modeling since it has 2MB L2 cache per module (shared by 2 cores per module). i7 4770K has 256k L2 cache per core (shared by 2 threads per core).

    i7 is better for gaming because Intel is optimized for games. Although the difference is not that substantial (like 5-20 fps depending on the game). FX will perform better on multi-threaded games by the way.

    FX8350 has 4 modules with 2 cores each (total of 8 cores running 1 thread each).

    i7 4770k has 4 cores with 2 threads each (total of 8 threads).
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    According to that chart the 4770k is about 10% faster in 3DSMax, it's also faster for gaming, more efficient, less power/heat used overall . . . there really is no advantage to the AMD other than price.
  5. The best u can get is spent on 8350 with 4 extra core imp fr future game

    And invest the rest f the money in a pwrfull graphics card
  6. swifty_morgan said:
    need to replace board you know..

    Yea I will replace the board when I get a proc. The options here aren't that wide so I'll choose a board on the spot.
  7. I'll stick with intel. I'll just create a hybrid of my 660 and 7870. 660 for the physx and 4470k for 3d rendering. Thanks for your suggestions guys! i appreciate it :)
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