USB / Wireless audio won't work on Windows 7 (no output device found)

Hi there,

I've gotten a gift for my girlfriend - wireless headphones (SHB4000). She has a netbook (Packard Bell Dot S), with Windows 7 32-bit Starter and a Bluetooth USB mini dongle (USB 2.1 from Asus). That dongle was working fine with my phone, I used that in the past for internet connections - shes using it also with her phone to upload pictures. The problem is this:

When I first pair the headphones with the computers Bluetooth, it installs some drivers, then it reports as the device is ready to use etc. I can see the device in the list of Bluetooth devices, the status is "Connected". However, I see a red cross at the volume icon, when I hover over it it says: No audio output device is installed. When I click that a Wizard tries to fix the problem and the results are that Windows couldn't fix the issue, and says that the audio device is disabled (which isn't true).

When I go to the list of audio devices for playback, right click the headphones(which have a green checkmark next to it now), I can't do "Test" with the headphones - its greyed out. When I click Properties I can see something in line I saw elsewhere on discussion forums when you have a missing audio driver - for example on the tab where you should see volumes(Levels?), I'm seeing just a horizontal line.

I thought it might be because of the dongle drivers being bad or whatever, so I did one more test. On my own computer I've got Creative USB dongle paired with my Creative headphones. So I plugged that into gf's netbook, and the same thing happened, everything seemingly installs but then the red cross at volume appears and no Audio Output device installed. So I think it's like some common issue, with drivers or something. Otherwise her headphones work fine on my computer, so its not the issue of the headphones.

The problem is, usually people advice to reinstall/update the drivers to the computers Bluetooth. Her netbook doesn't have BT integrated. I have tried to update the Atheros BT drivers(for the Asus BT dongle) I have found on internet - the general drivers update fine but the Audio driver update creates BSOD. So no go there. I tried 3 times and each time crash. I thought about buying a new dongle - but after the Creative test, I thought if they don't work probably no other dongle will work as well. Almost seems to me like some general drivers aren't installed. Oh I have also checked that Audio service and the other one related are on(can't remember the name now but the fix wizard told me to check).

When I check the audio driver while having the Creative USB plugged in the driver in properties is called "Microsoft usb audio driver". This is all from top of my head as I dont have the netbook here right now -

So, any ideas, or details needed? Would Windows reinstall help, or is that something more simple perhaps. This is kind of hard to google, because everywhere else the obvious solution is to update/fix the integrated BT drivers, not many people deal with external (Bluetooth) BT dongle issues...thanks!

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    I would first suggesting going to the manufacturers website and installing all the latest drivers available. Chipset , audio, bois, etc. After that I would un-install and reinstall the usb hub drivers. If all that doesn't work, id resort to a windows repair or fresh install. But thats just me.
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