Nice quite fan that will work with the Cooler Master HAF 912 Case

Hey all,

I am new to computer building and right now I am currently working on building a gaming pc. I have all my parts picked out but I want to get some extra fans to keep the parts more cool. I believe this case has 2 fans already installed, both being 120mm fans. this is the link to the case and if you scroll down a little is shows the exhaust and intake sections of the case. I was wondering what fans would be good to use in each slot. I would like a fan that keeps it nice and cool, and quite if possible but rather have more cool. Also some sections (Top and Front) can hold 120mm x2 fans or it can hold 200mm x1 fan. Which would be better to have, 120mm x2 fans or 200mm x1 fan?

If you cant fine the fan diagram here is a gyazo link

Thanks again and hope someone can help.
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  1. Depends on what you want. For more performance: 2x120mm. For silence: 1x200mm.
  2. b0w said:
    Depends on what you want. For more performance: 2x120mm. For silence: 1x200mm.

    Sorry for taking a long time to reply, but I would prefere 120 for performance, I honestly want one that blows a lot of air to keep the case cooler.
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    Well if price isn't that much important and you don't mind their colour scheme, Noctua is the way to go. The NF-S12A for example moves a lot of air and is very quiet, either regular or PWM, I have two of them.

    At the side of your case, there is room for a 120/140mm fan, too. I would recommend you to put a Prolimatech Vortex Ultra Sleek (PWM) there. It's only 15mm thick, so it won't have problem with any graphic cards, but it moves as much air as a 25mm counterpart and it's surprisingly quiet at work.

    Before I can make further recommendations, you have to tell me if you will connect the fans to a 3-pin (including fan controllers) or to a PWM connection.
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