Windows 7 unexpected freezes

Hey. I have a problem with my Windows 7. Usually one-two times per day it freezes itself, with no error whatsoever, forcing me to do a hard reset. This happens at random times, usually when editing some text files or just using Chrome.

What I tried:
- standard overheating - unlikely in this case because the freezes happen when there's minimal load on CPU/GPU, still I cleaned the PC from the inside, even though I did that a month ago or so.
- run the Memtest86+ for about 2 hours, no errors detected

And since there are no errors, no blue screens, no minidumps, what should I check next?

Note that the Windows 7 was fully reinstalled about a month ago when I installed a new Samsung 840Pro 128GB SSD as my system drive and a new 3TB Seagate storage. I have Microsoft Security Essentials installed as my antyvirus (not that I ever needed it).

DxDiag > pastebin
CrystalDisk> ssd, hdd

I'd be grateful for any suggestions of how to trace the problem (it seems to be hardware related to me).
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    uninstall security essentials and see if the problem clears, it could be that it has borked itself.

    also disable any running applications you have that run in the background and see if its one of those but i think its MSE more, is the sort of thing that happens when an antivirus application messes up.
  2. Yeah, I think that was the cause, it's been full 3 days and no freezes in that time. Amazing that Microsoft was able to mess up their own antivirus in their own system like that. Thanks anyway.
  3. If you still have this problem (after the last post :-) be sure to update the firmware of the SSD drive.
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