PS3 vs PS4 not that far difference ?!

Well according to one of the detailed reviews on the PS3 :

I found that the ps3 GPU "RSX" can perform up to 1.8 TFLOPS

and for the next gen console PS4, it appears than the AMD 7870 Next Core Engine chip can performs nearly the same amount " 1.84 TFLOPS "

so - regardless memory / processing / architecture type - that means that in terms of graphics performance , there are no such of difference between the two consoles ?

or there are other measuring tools to be added besides how many Flops could be performed ?

Thx Alot :)
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  1. Your right about what you are saying in a way.
    But you are forgetting that the new GPU in the PS4 can do a bit more.

    Tessellation for example, PS3 doesn't have HW tessellation where as the new PS4 Gpu does support it.

    Also other graphics effects that you could never pull off with the Rsx Gpu.
    If you tried to run or emulate the effects on an Rsx compared to the new Gpu going into the PS4, It would struggle.

    In effect you would have to emulate the effects on an RSX Gpu in some way and many other effects the new Gpu of the PS4 will do in hardware mode not software. So it will be faster in a lot more ways.
  2. TFLOPS is not the only way to compare two gpus. That would only be good if you were going to do, well, floating point operations. For example, a 5870 can do more FLOPS than a 7870, but the 7870 is quite a bit more powerful in gaming.

    The PS4's gpu is somewhere between a 7850 and 7870. There was nothing that powerful on the market back in 2006. IIRC the ps3's gpu was similar to a 7900GT, which wouldn't be capable of playing and AAA from the past couple years at decent settings on a PC.
  3. One other question, I have a nVidia GTX 670 OC , 16 GB DDR3 and an intel i7 2700k ...would it be comparable to the ps4 ?!
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    PS4 specs are a custom AMD APU, similar to an A10 or an A8, along with a custom GPU 7850-7870.

    So technically you have superior specs, but due to programming and optimization, PS4 will be able to keep up for a bit.
  5. The cell is 2 Teraflops the RSX was 400 GFLOPS. Now with the Apu we have that switched. The radeon itself 1.84 Teraflops. With uma and 16 times the memory.
    The ps3 is most long in the tooth in regards to memory. This has lead devlopers to leverage the hard drive to help memory constraints.
    To me memory is the big advance over current gen. Something that developers have been saying for the last two generations
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