Need Expert opinion on choosing case!

Which one of these two would suit my needs?

I don't mind the amound of drive slots, what I care about is mostly airflow and noise (in that order). Which one is the better case for these needs?
Here are the links: (CM)
vs (Rosewill)

Thank you!
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    for some reason your link did not go to a specific case. however i like Fractal design for keeping noise down- the R4 for instance...
  2. Corsair 500R! dead silent and supreme airflow.
  3. yeah those links dont work they just go to newegg ... im doing my first build at the moment so im by no means a professional here, but iv being doing a whole lot of research lately ... it seems in a lot of ways it can be hard to get good case flow AND silence .. to an extent .. but it also comes down to the type of case fans and cpu cooler you use. i mean really.. the more places for case fans the better the flow and the more noise you'll get

    for my build i have ended up going for a bitfenix ghost as it is a 'silent case' (i havent actually got it yet so wether or not its very quiet i have yet to find out, but thats how it is advertised) with lots of sound deadening and has placement for 2 front 120mm fans, one lower 120 mm fan, one rear 120 mm fan and 2 top 120 or 140 mm fans or you can even fit a 240mm radiator and almost every fan has a filter (rear exhaust doesnt) .. and after all that it is a very subtle looking case

    my 2c :)
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