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I'm considering upgrading my computer and I'm really conflicted what I should do.
My current setup : Core i3 2100|Gigabyte H67m micro-atx|Saphire 7850 2gb|Crucial 8gb 1333|Western
Digital Black 640gb 7200 RPM|Antec Earthwatts 380 watt|Antec 300 Illusion black

Right now I think a new power supply is a must. That will allow me to oc my 7850. This is where the confusion comes in. To up my graphic power, I was thinking about just getting another 7850 once the next gen cards come out (assuming there would be a reasonable price drop). However, due to my motherboard layout I can't (sata cables and wireless card in the way). I was thinking about getting a new motherboard to allow me to crossfire then. But with this thought the idea of switching to am3+ with a 8320 came to my mind. I just really don't know what to do. Another option is to go with the lowest priced i5 and simply upgrade to a faster single slot card when amd's new cards come out. What would you guys recommend?
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    I recommend the AMD route. But if you can, wait. Steamroller will be out in Q1 2014 and there is an expected 30-40% IPC boost. If you can't wait go with AM3+ and FX. What budget are you on?
  2. I can probably stretch $350 but this is more of a what should I do next. Is steamroller sticking with am3+? Additionally I thought amd's roadmap said 15% increase.
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