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I have an old laptop running ME. I have purchased a re-installation CD of XP Home Edition which I cannot just run as it is incompatible with what is already on the laptop. I need to reformat the hard drive in order to install XP. How do I do that?
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    1) insert XP disk
    2) reboot laptop
    3) boot from disk using either F12 or F8 depending on laptop
    4) follow the instructions from XP
    5) At one point it will ask you to create/and or delete partition. L to delete partition if I remember and then C to create one...

    Alternatively, if you have another computer, you can plug your laptop drive as a second hard drive in that computer, at that moment, you can go in disk management (right click my computer - Manage - Disk management) and simply format it (a more User friendly version) if that's available to you...
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