How to remove and apply thermal paste.

I need a way to clean old thermal paste off a cpu, I can't seem to get hold of any isopropyl, as all chemists near me don't have it haha, sucks, so what other ways are there please.

I also need a way to apply arctic silver 5 easily, I'm changing mobo, so need to change thermal paste at the same time, I'm going from the stock crap, to arctic silver 5.

I've heard the rice grain trick is put a bit of paste on the cpu, in the middle, rice grain size, then put the stock heatsink on top of it, and push it down twisting it slightly, is this the best method?

Thanks in advance
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  1. I suggest using Isopropyl alcohol and cotton balls, you can buy both from just about any corner/grocery store. (No need for a chemist, they are household items for treating scraps etc..) Place the new thermal paste in the center of the heat sink about the size of a pea, no need to twist the heat sink that will just throw off the way it naturally spreads.
  2. I've tried absulutly everywhere to get isopropyl, no where near me has it.
  3. Dreadbeard said:
    I've tried absulutly everywhere to get isopropyl, no where near me has it.

    Finger nail polish remover if you can get some, where do you live that you can't find isopropyl alcohol?
  4. In a small town in England, everywhere is out of stock, or just doesn't stock it, though I beleive nail polish remover we have, so if that's able to work then I'm sure I can use it
  5. Dont use the nailpolish remover it can damage the surface

    Use rubbin alcohol i m sure u wud get it in local stores
    And clean the suface
    Rubbin alcohol is nthin bt isoprpyl >70%
    If u still dont get it get a strong vodca with more than 70% alcohol
  6. We've fryed everywhere for every sort of rubbing alcohole, no where around here stocks it weirdly enough.
  7. Then use vodca
  8. If u cant use that
    Use a diluted form of nailpolish remover so that it doesnt get damaged
    The ratio shud b 60 nailplish remover 40 water

    Hope it helped

    Dont frget to close the post
  9. I think before I take a chance with NPR I'm going to work as hard as possible to get some isopropyle
  10. Is surgical spirit the same type of things?
  11. Sugical spirit is the rubbin ethanol itself
    Use it perfectly fine

    Or is this ok actually, didnt think of this and it'd be easier to get.
  13. Dont waste ur money on that use surgical spirit
    No dbt that product is meant to remove
  14. It's more that I'm not sure if the surgical spirit at my local asda is the correct one
  15. Best answer
    Ohkay go fr the artic clean then

    Use it with cttn buds

    Dnt frget to close the post
  16. I apoligise for opening this again, but I have some surgical spirits, but it has 2.5% castor oil in it, is this still ok to use?
  17. No castor oil can frm a layer on the surface so its a big no

    And no problem in that u feel free like contactin me u can even do me a PM so dnt wrry about dat
  18. I attempted to, but it said your name was invalid, I thought surgical spirits were all based with a bit of caster oil, otherwise I'm not sure what to do, I can't get any isopropyl alcohole rub till Monday, and I need it for tomorrow.
  19. Just go into the crrnt thread and click the mssg bttn u ll surely b able to

    U can try it but my reccomendation would b nailplish remover fr now
  20. I'm just a little bit concerned about that one, that's why I ask, as I know it could potentially corrosive, that's a bit of a concern. In my eyes, I don't want to damage my processor or heatsink, that's why I'm trying to find different ways of doing it.
  21. Do u have vodka???
  22. I don't, I'm 18 tomorrow haha, but I am able to go to novatech tomorrow and grab some of the arcticlean stuff, so I think tht should be ok.
  23. Yeah perfectly more than ohkay
    Happy b day if u r turnin 18 tommorow
  24. Thanks bud, got a new case and mobo for my birthday :) as long as that stuff will be ok, I'm sorted
  25. Great gift
    Many many happy returns
  26. Thanks again :)
  27. Welcome
    Take care
    Enjoy gaming
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