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which is better GTX650 or HD7750

Hello TH

I need advice for new graphic card for my PC I can afford HIS HD7750 and Inno3d GTX650 well idk difference between them can some1 kindly fill me in the features of both and help let me decide which 1 to pick
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  1. Here is the start of the review Tom's did for the GTX650. I looked at two games. Metro 2033 had them in a tie, while Batman:AC shows the 650 ahead. At the end of the review it looks like they basically tie, with perhaps the 7750 just ahead.

    Unless one of them does a lot better in a game you love, I'd probably just get the cheapest.

    Edit: Oops, for the link to the review. Go through it and look at the games that matter to you.,3297-6.html

    @ 1920 x 1080
    7750 has 48% of the performance of a 650 Ti Boost
    650 has 52% of the performance of a 650 Ti Boost
  3. If you look at the 1920x1200 only chart, the 650 is only 4% points higher. I consider such matters to be ties, again unless of course one of them perform better in a game you care about. (or the bundle is better, its cheaper, etc.)

    edited to fix link.
  4. that chart shows 7750 9% higher in performance against GTX650

    what about both card features?
  5. AMD having to conjure up the 7790 would have me leaning toward the 650 if I were in the OP's position.
  6. 9%? I don't see what you see. Tom's has the 7750 ahead by a bit, Techpowerup has the 650 ahead by the same amount. As I've been saying, its a wash. Same generation of cards, I'm not aware of one card having it up on the other as far as features go. Price or bundle should be what you pick. Or perhaps warranty.
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    The GTX650 and 7750 are pretty close but the 7750 takes about 10-12w less and requires now new PSU connector.
  8. ok then how about these 3
    HIS HD7770 iCooler
    Gigabyte HD7770
    Gigabyte GTX550 TI
    i know GTX550 TI is power hoger but I need to know is it good or no
  9. They are on the second chart I linked above. 7770 for sure. The GTX550 is just an OC'd GTS450. As such its already running just about as fast as it can. It's also based on slightly older parts. From what you listed I would go Gigabyte 7770.
  10. I bought Asus HD7770 1GB D5 and I running the best
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