External hard drive doesn't show up on my computer device panel.

I have a Hitachi 3TB Touro Desk Pro external hard drive plugged into my Windows 7 PC that does not show up on my computer panel. I've tried unplugging it, replugging it, several times but it still does not show. It did work fine at first and I could get into it no problem but it began to not show up on the computer storage device panel. Replugging it worked at first but now no matter what I try it does not show. Any help out there? Thank you.
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  1. Can it be seen on BIOS ? or any where else in PC (Disk Mgmt. Device Mngr.)?
  2. Have you checked the Hitachi forums?
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    1. When you plug it in can you hear it spin up? - If not the cable might be broken, or something in the enclosure. Or worst case the drive is totally dead.
    2. Check if the disk shows up in Disk Management ( search diskmgmt.msc in start)
    3. Check if the disk shows up in the BIOS

    Also trying it on another computer never hurts. If your USB ports are broken on your computer it won’t show up. If you don't have another computer verify the USB port is working with a USB stick or something.
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