12GB of ram in 3 x 4GB better in triple channel than dual?

Hi, I currently have 12GB of ram inside my machine, in the configuration of 3x4GB, all of these sticks are identical running at 1333mhz. But when I open speccy it says that my ram is running in dual channel whereas I imagined as there is three it would be running in triple? Would it benefit me running them in triple channel in anyway as I honestly do not know the difference also my motherboard is the Asus P8Z68-V LE (LGA1155) so i'm not sure if it can even do triple channel or how to enable it? Thanks for any answers as I am a little uninformed in this subject and a little confused haha!
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  1. Only the LGA1366 socket (X58) supports triple channel.

    Your board only supports dual channel, basically two of your chips are in dual channel mode, the third is not.
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    From the specs:
    Dual Channel Memory Architecture

    Adding a 3rd stick does not automatically make it triple channel. There is not option to change that.
  3. Ah okay:D Thanks for the answers haha! Tbh I just thought it would be something I change in the motherboard bios or something along them lines haha! Noob mistake:p
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