3570k 4.5 1.192v

did i win the lotto? an hour of prime with that vcore and 4.5 with no issues. 1.192 seems very low for 4.5. but cpu z confirms it. max package temps in that hour 79c on hyper 212 evo. though when gaming rarely hits 70
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  1. You win.
  2. lets hope. this rig is 2 days old, who knows what kernels could be just waiting to troll me.
  3. Trenchcoat said:
    You win.

    You won the cpu lottery. And the power ball but get a better cooler and overclock the crap out if it!
  4. looks pretty awesome, i assume its in a pseudo warm room?
  5. yeh basic home temps 68-72f
  6. where would my "print screen" file be located on win 7?
  7. Best answer

  8. also passed intel burn x10 shot up to 86c luckily its a short burst. but yeh that was scary
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