I need some help adding a new case fan to my PC

Hi there! Tom's Hardware newbie here.

As the title says, I need a hand adding a new case fan to my tower PC.

I am not new to adding, removing, upgrading and whatnot with computer components. I am however new to messing with the actual wires inside a computer. The issue I have is I have a spare fan lying around from an old burnt out 1u server (the server would cost more to repair than it is worth so I am taking parts from it) and I would like to use the 40mm fan to cool my passively cooled graphics card as it typically sits at 60 degrees C while idle (only processing my dual monitors on the desktop). I don't have a spare mobo connector for case fans but I do have plenty of Molex connectors from my PSU.

I would like to know if there is any reliable way I could tap that power from Molex or whatnot to get this fan running, hacking and slashing wires I do not mind :)

The fan is rated at a max of: DC 12A, 0.24A.

Thank you!
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