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I want to build a htpc using linux ubuntu 12.04 with xbmc. The system will be used to watch movies, ripp movies play music surf the web no gaming. the link is the components for the build I would appreciate all input and advice on the build. Thank you
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    You're missing a hard drive. Otherwise the build looks good. The only other "gotcha" you should check out before you purchase are the dimensions of the optical drive and the power supply. The case is less than 13 1/2" deep. The power supply (with power cables) will likely take up about 7 1/2". That only leaves about 6" for your optical drive and it's SATA/Power cables. Make sure you have enough room for both.

    -Wolf sends
  2. thanks wolf i already have a hard drive. and i will see if psu and optical drive will fit.
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