Mass Effect Franchise Texture Work Terrible?

Hello folks, do you guys have any clue why Bioware did such bad texture work with this franchise across all platforms? I just can't except the excuse that it was all the consoles' fault because there are plenty of console-only games and cross platform games that have much greater texture work in them. I mean when the textures look good in that franchise they, I admit, they look pretty good but all the armor and clothing textures, a lot of the structural materials textures,( terrain looks good I guess)vehicles and spacecraft look so bad. Gears of war pc, Mirror's Edge, Uncharted franchise,battlefield 3 across every platform, The Last Of Us, The Witcher 2 Enhanced EE, and Batman AA(to name a few.)I would have thought that Bioware would have not just added more effects and would have actually drastically improved their texture work with sequels. Mass Effect 1 pc had great terrain texture work but ,like the other 2,have terrible textures most everywhere else. The community have any thoughts?
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    When bioware first released mass effect 1 in 2007, it was their official entry into the modern era, the reason, they made a bioware game that was more tune for the modern era, bioware in their Bioware Corp. days had a reputation, a strong one, when the current gen consoles were released, they had to continue set reputation, so what they did was they released mass effect 1, it received immense praise for it's classical bioware features (i.e. dialogue and roleplay) and even more for story. So in mass effect 2, they didn't really care much about graphics (made minor tweaks) and really bashed out the story and the roleplay mechanics. However in mass effect 3, they tried to focus more on action (with games such as gears of war and call of duty gaining more and more popularity) and a little bit more on graphics, but mainly they wanted to dish out games soon and they didn't really have time to develop the textures because they were focusing on other things, and didn't want to take the time to perfect their games.
  2. Thank you for that incite. :)
  3. Personally, I am not a "graphics whore". As long as the game looks decent enough then it's fine for me. That's not to say that I would buy a 2013 game release with 2001 graphics quality though.

    My main focus is on gameplay. For example, I recently started playing Skyrim nad the only graphics mod I use is Bethesda's official HQ Texture pack. All the other mods I've installed (25 - 30) focuses on the actual gameplay. I will begin to focus on graphic mods soon enough though.
  4. If you are interested, there is a high resolution texture mod for Mass Effect 3.
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