Artifacting - About so send video card back, but what if it is my PSU? PLEASE HELP!

I need help, and quick. I just initiated the RMA for my EVGA GTX 650 1GB card that I just bought about a week or so ago, along with a Corsair CX 430 430w power supply.

Here is my previous thread:

Here are the parts I installed:

Is there ANY chance that the power supply is at fault for the artifacting on my new video card? It seems like it is more than enough for my machine, so here are my specs:

Intel Quad Core Q8400 2.66ghz
G31M-ES2L Motherboard
2GB 240pin PC-2 RAM
2 HDD, one 160GB, one 320GB.
One multimedia reader, SD cards, USB, and the likes.
Headphone jacks and 2 USB ports in the front
1 Disc Drive
+ The GTX 650 1GB

Is my power supply at fault? Or was I right in assuming that it was my video card? Should I send both the power supply and GPU in to the RMA to get a replacement for both?

Please help, I really need it.

And no, I do not have any other machines to test in.
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  1. I just ran a Video Memory Stress Test, found here at Major Geek, and no errors were found.

    Anyone care to help me out some more?

    EDIT: Nevermind this, right after running this test the scattered pixels started appearing in the taskbar and top of google chrome.

    There are pictures of this kind of stuff in my previous thread.

    This may as well be a bump, I really need help, because by time the video card gets back from the RMA, I will probably be out of warranty to replace the power supply, so please, help me rule this out. I do not want to get another video card back and have it get corrupted by my PSU again if this is the issue.
  2. Anyone? I need a good anser by tomorrow morning.
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    Bumping is discouraged here.

    The way I look at is this is usually a video card problem.
    Also, the GPU is the more expensive part (albeit not by a whole lot)

    I would RMA the GPU because it is suspect and more expensive then the PSU if you miss out on the RMA window

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