Is getting 16gb of DDR3 at today's prices a good idea for future-proofing?

My laptop has 4gb of DDR2 and after buying Win8, I wanted to upgrade to 8gb to take advantage of the 64-bit OS but DDR2 for a 2x4gb configuration is almost $200.

Now that I'm building a new desktop, I'm wondering if I want to invest in 8 extra gigs of DDR3 just in case I can take advantage of it in 3-4 years and it's also jumped up in price.
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  1. Yep, think prices may continue to rise a bit as time goes on also.....DDR4 will prob be out by the end of the year which will drive DDR3 prices even some higher as the production lines will be gearing towards DDR4
  2. Yeah get the 16gb of ddr3. Most kits are about $110 to $140 right now.
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    Use the extra as a RAM Disk.
  4. Reading more about the motherboad (asus z87 pro), looks like buying it and using it as a RAMDisk (even if minimal performance gains are given) seems to be the most efficient route. For the price difference and based on my DDR2 experiences, it looks like the decision is pretty well-researched already. Thanks all!
  5. RAM Disk for all those temp writes just makes sense to me. I was playing around with a small 2GB one - next build I will go for at least 16GB of RAM.... maybe more if I get a UPS.
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