Blue screen of death when trying to install windows on new pc

ive recently tried building my pc and have got all the parts so far installed in the case. However, when i try to install windows via dvdrom, i get a blue screen of death usually at the part where you format harddrive , or create partions. My brother did all the work and he told me this is when it happens as i havnt seen my self. could be a bit different but im sure this is how it is that it goes to blue screen when trying to install windows
Thanks honestly for all the posters if you do post
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    I would check the memory first. Run memtest on each stick individually for a full pass. It'll take awhile.

    Download the .ISO file and make a bootable CD from it.
  2. Do as clutchc said, but also, is the HDD new as well? Or is it being reused?
  3. my hdd is new and how do i use that memtest.. sorry i dont know how
  4. sa1f said:
    my hdd is new and how do i use that memtest.. sorry i dont know how

    Download the .ISO file and use any burning program (including Win7) to burn a CD. It will produce a bootable CD that will start automatically and begin testing memory. It is best to run at least one full pass on each stick of RAM individually.
    Grab the .ISO near the top that is a .zip file. Unzip it to a place of your choosing and dbl clk it. Win7 should lead thru what to do.

    Win7 also contains a memory testing program, but it is not as thorough as memtest. Type "memory diagnostics" in the Start/Search dialog box and Win7 will find it for you.
  5. also list the 0x00000000 error number and error text it should point us to the problem part or incompatibility.
  6. clutch ty for clear instructions and hexit will do asap
    Ty for the help will get back to you lot
  7. was due to having sata to ahci or something but read ide works so it works with ide so windows finally installed :)
    Ty for all the help
  8. Ty mate, i dont get bsod , but my pc has 8gb but only shows 3gb
    any idea
  9. what version of windows are you using and what speed is your ram.
    1s you go over the native speed your cpu can handle the motherboard will limit the amount of ram you can use to 1 stick per channel.

    so for instance if your using 4x2gigs at 2100 only 2x2 will show up as usable because the cpu maxes out its native mem support at 1600 mhz.
    end result only 2 of the 4 sticks are visable to the cpu. the solution is either turn the ram speed down to the native the cpu can handle or remove it
  10. Did you install Win7 32bit or Win7 64 bit?
  11. @1600 mhz your ram should be showing up fine unless your running a none am3+ cpu.
    so as suggested its likely your o.s being 32bit.
  12. Ty lol i reinstalled 32 bit by accident :0 so i got 64 bit and works!
    So can most programs which dont mention 64 bit compatible run with it or does it have to be specially mentioned '64 bit compatible' Ty. Whilst im getting your advice might well as ask what is the best anti virus, firewall . etc and i would buy it if its worth it or if not , i ll get free versions Ty
  13. i have had zero compatability issues with windows 7 64bit running 32bit apps..
    i run avira antivir free with a payed version of malware bytes and have had as far as i know zero infections since 2011 when i switched to this combo.
    but the reality is the av is only as good as the person using it. i dont know any AV that will stop malware after the user has accepted a bad file so it is always hit and miss as to how good any av is...
    as for firewalls. i just use windows own. comodo do a great free 1 as do a couple of others. but generally most of them are to intrusive for my liking so i stick with windows own.
    for a good all i 1 payed solution i recommend kaspersky. it has a good catch rate and the firewall has learning rules which means the longer you use it the less intrusive it gets.
  14. My choice of AV is Microsoft's Securities Essentials:
    It works seamlessly with Windows and will find the updates for you along with the other Windows Updates.
    And like Hexit, I use the paid version of MalwareBytes for mal-ware protection:
    The free version is the same, but without full time protection.

    I can't remember the last time I had an infection, and I have those pgms on several machines.
  15. TYVM! im going with malwarebytes and kasperspy :)
  16. TYVM! im going with malwarebytes and kasperspy :)
  17. Also a good choice.
  18. if you get kaspersky its unlikely you will need malwarebytes as a payed version. as KIS already has decent antimalware protection. like i said kis is a good all in 1 solution.
  19. sa1f said:
    was due to having sata to ahci or something but read ide works so it works with ide so windows finally installed :)
    Ty for all the help

    IDE is a LOT slower to AHCI; probably indicates a driver/firmware issue with the HDD. There is no reason to use IDE in this day and age...

    As for AV Protection:
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