Overclocking my Gtx 650 2Gb Vram And I3-550k Duel core 3.2Ghz Processor

Currently my GTX 650's overclock settings. I run far cry 3 at 30 FPS on all settings at around 50. It has yet to go over 80 and Im wondering if I should up the core voltage? And by how much

Also I would like to overclock my intel I3 from 3.2Ghz To maybe 3.8 or 4.2 since its bottlenecking my system in games like arma 2

IF anyone could give me the best instructions thanks Im not really sure how to overclock my cpu

Im also japanese so my english may not be very good so im sorry if you do not understand.

My power supply is a ThermalTek 600W if it matters in overclocking. im getting a new cpu soon so It wont matter if my cpu dies in around 6 months as long as I get enough power to run arma Better ( stutters alot but stays above 30 Fps. And by stutters I mean it just completely jumps down to 5 fps at random and back up to around 30-50 frames )

EDIT : my motherboard is a GA-H55m-s2v Gigabyte.
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    max temp fulload gtx650 is Maximum GPU Temperature 98 or lowet (in C) depend vendor .. i think must stop at this section for safely longtime. but different vendor different cooler and temp ! keep it cool.
    also you had midle board H55 maybe can get little if unlocked oc feature , if use P55 it's can do better .. palay game in lowest setting .. just@suggestion good luck for you ..
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