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Need MSI Z87-GD65 With 4770K Overclocking Help

Last response: in Overclocking
July 26, 2013 7:48:32 PM

I'm new to the overclocking world and understand the basics but need some help with my specific bios. As stated in the title I'm using a MSI Z87-GD65 motherboard with a 4770K and an H100i as the cooler. I'm pretty sure my problem is there's a setting(s) that I am supposed to be changing but I'm not. I'm looking for some general settings that should always be changed when overclocking. CPU core voltage and the multiplier will of course be a bit different for everyone but what else do I need? When I manually set my core voltage through the bios does it stop it from automatically changing or is that another setting? I also know to change the Vdroop to stay stable but I can't find that setting in the bios.

Also, should I get my CPU stable and then OC my ram and GPU or the other way around? Lastly, what is a good temp to "max out" at with very little risk for the 4770K? I've heard around 80-85 is good. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

Best solution

a c 400 K Overclocking
July 26, 2013 8:58:02 PM

Can start with it at stock, jot down the settings, then OC with the OC genie and see what it changes, that can give you a baseling as far as what 'might' be needed, whatever Genie does (if stable) you can then change and say try with lower voltages or settings and work from there