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I've got a sort of dilemma. I need to buy a new card or an additional card but there are some issues. The idea is to spend as little as possible, BUT there are some physical limitations. If I bought a new card it would have to SEVERELY out perform the HD 7970 I currently have. I could also just buy another HD 7970 but the card is so dang big that it covers the second PCI slow on the mobo. This would require a change on the card, or on the mobo which would still equal a fair bit of money.

What are your guys' thoughts on this? Can anyone suggest a card that would heavily out perform the HD 7970 with out completely killing my bank? (Feel free to suggest anything at around 600-700$) Or maybe an entirely different approach all together would work too.

PS: Using 1000 watts of power and on a ASRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 (a bit outdated I know)

Thanks guys
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    What specific gpu do you have? Most models should not reach that second pcie slot. That is a exceptionally large card if it does so. As for out performing that card, you are going to find much in that price other than crossfire. Your best bet, at the moment, is to get a GTX Titan, GTX 690 or a Radeon 7990. None of which are in that budget. Other than that, theres nothing that will outperform that card except crossfire. You can wait until October for AMD's release of the 9000 series flagship gpu. Something from the 9000 series will surely out perform that current card.
  2. Oh I see now, you have the crossfire model, which is a tri slot card. So that narrows you down to, well 2 options. Spend 1000 dollars on a new card such as the titan, 7990 or 690. Or wait for the 9000 series gpus to drop. I dont think it is really worth your money to get a new board to support a crossfire, so waiting might be the best bet. With next gen cards, you can expect great performance. Not titan performance, but closer.
  3. Thanks Gamer I suppose I'll work towards one of those cards. Which one do you prefer if you have one?
  4. Its between the titan, and the 7990. It is extremely close, with the Radeon having the slight edge, but is also 100 dollars cheaper Nobody knows about the 9000 series, it was said it wont beat the titan at launch, because the 9990 wont be released until later, probably.
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