No Integrated graphics on CPU but BIOS on Mobo?

I know that this is a stupid question, but I couldn't find the answer on google anywhere.

Basically, the CPU I'm getting doesn't have integrated graphics, but the motherboard says that it has UEFI BIOS. I want to make sure I have the computer properly assembled before I put in my GPU, so would I be able to access the BIOS with no integrated graphics? I'm not entirely certain how the BIOS works in that respect.
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  1. What board are you going to get? My board has no integrated graphics and UEFI BOIS as well. The only way to my knowledge is to use the graphics card. I had to install my card to get display, I believe that is the only way.
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    Yep, if your mobo has no on-board, a card is the only way to get any kind of output. That's the same with any type of BIOS, or just using the machine in general, having no output keeps you from doing anything.
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