Two Xeons or i7 4770k?

I'm looking to build a rig intended for live streaming in 1080p at 30+ FPS from my Xbox 360 using an El gato HD capture. I'd also like to edit 1080p footage that I capture for YouTube, etc. I don't PC game at all, literally zero and I don't really intend on it... Maybe a little League of Legends, but I doubt it. I have FiOS Internet, my download usually sits around 72-77 Mbps and Upload is 44-52 Mbps with a 9-12 ping.

With that being said, I've decided I'm either going for an Intel i7 4770K CPU or two Xeon CPUs (not sure of model yet, but I'd like to keep it at about $250-300 each)

With what I'm using the computer for... I ask, which two options of CPU should I get? Also you can feel free to offer feedback on my specs and give any tips and suggestions you'd like.

I'm also posting the rest of my potential build, my other question is, do I have an appropriate GPU? Or is a high quality GPU needed strictly for gaming? I figured since I'm working with live streams and video editing... I'd need a high end video card.
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    Your best bet is in neither on of those. Get this - Intel i7-3930K With its beastly 6 Cores and 12 Threads you can game and stream simultaneously with ease. But if your going to stream Xbox Gameplay even this one should do it - AMD FX 8350 You can stream the Xbox with this one as well. No lags with both on streaming.

    Now for the rest of the build , I would opt for a Firepro W5000 if you want higher level editing. Else get the GTX 760 And yeah , the GPU doesn't affect streaming , its on the RAM + CPU combo. So I recommend getting 1866MHz of 12 or 16GB RAM instead of 32GB. 32GB is good only 3D editing. Also take a look at this one as well - Intel Xeon E3-1230V3 Good if Intel is your choice. And most importantly opt for a better CPU cooler like this - Swiftech H220 Or Corsair H100i Haswell heats like hell so you need water cooling. Also these water coolers leave headroom for OCing aswell.

    If anyone's answer helps you , please select it as the solution. Forum Members will appreciate it.
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