What's a good mouse/keyboard combo?

I recently got a job and I am saving to get the fx-8350 processor from AMD. But once I get that, I am in dire need of a new mouse and keyboard. The combo I have now is just terrible and is the cheapest I could get. It cost about $15 for both, but I have a mid-to-high end PC for gaming so I will be playing high end games such as Crysis 3 and Battlefield. I own these games already and my mouse and keyboard just dont perform well; such as my mouse stutters and isn't very smooth. So what is a good combo for the money? Note: I don't really want to spend more than $80 on a combo, but you can still suggest higher priced ones. Preferably a mechanical keyboard too. Thanks for your answers in advance!
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  2. There are very few mechanical keyboards under $80 alone, so your options are going to be pretty limited.


    With rebates, that comes to just under $80.
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