Constant system stuttering and other weird problems. I don't know what I did...

CPU - 2nd gen i7 2600k @3.4GHz
RAM - 8GB (2 @ 666MHz [9-9-9-24])
GPU - GTX 580
Motherboard - MSI Z77A-GD65 Gaming
Drives: 125GB SSD & 1TB HDD (If this means anything, the OS is installed on the SSD, which is plugged into the 6.0Gb/s Intel SATA 2 port. The HDD is plugged into the 6.0Gb/s Intel SATA 1 port. I've read conflicting things online that plugging the drive with the OS on it into the first port may or may not be important. I set my BIOS to boot the SSD before the HDD)
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

So yesterday I made the horrible mistake of trying to replace my motherboard and it has been nothing but problems ever since (ironic since I replaced the old motherboard to solve minor issues which are nothing compared to the problems I have now). After many hours I managed to remove the old motherboard and replace it with the new one, I turned it on, re-installed Windows, installed motherboard drivers from the included disc, and upgraded my GPU to the latest drivers.

The main problem is that my computer is constantly stuttering, but there are some other weird issues. By stuttering I mean that I click to open a folder and it takes a few more seconds than usual to open, or I'm typing and the characters stop while I continue to type, then they're all typed out at once. They're little freezes that last 1-2 seconds about every 5-15 seconds. My first thought was that I screwed something up and something is overheating, but the motherboard ControlCenter program and Speccy confirm that nothing is overheating. CPU is at 42'C, Motherboard at 28'C (Speccy claims 28, ControlCenter claims 35), GPU at 48'C. The other weird issues are; I have Google Chrome pinned to my taskbar, I click it, it lights up likes it's opening, about 10sec pass, then the light just goes away like I never clicked it. I have to click the icon over and over and eventually chrome opens. The other problem I have is that sometimes my internet browsers won't work until I restart the computer. For example, I just restarted my computer and start Chrome to ask for help with the stuttering problem, but I couldn't get on any website. It wasn't that it would tell me it can't connect to the page or that I didn't have an internet connect, it would just infinitely load. I thought it might be a problem with Chrome so I also tried in Internet Explorer and got the same issue of infinite loading. I simply restarted the computer and suddenly my browsers work, although I still get the problem with Chrome sometimes not wanting to open. And another problem I have, that only happens when I'm using 2 monitors, is that a black bar will occasionally flash at the bottom of the first monitor. Nothing triggers it, it just happens sometimes. Both screens are set to the correct refresh rate and resolution. GPU drivers are up to date.

Can someone please just help me get this all sorted out? I feel like a complete idiot and a failure for spending so much money to fix a problem with my old motherboard that seems so minor now, only to screw it all up. At this point I'm completely out of ideas; My only options are to have someone smarter tell me how to fix it, or take it to a professional and spend even more money having them figure it out, and honestly after all the money I spent already I just can't afford to do that...
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    I have had all sorts of problems with the latest NVidia drivers on Windows 7 (but no problem on Windows 8) with a GTX460. I rolled back to 306.94 and everything was fine. If I were you I would try rolling back to that driver and then maybe installing newer versions one-by-one to see if that solves the problem. If a newer version causes the problem again just roll back to the last version that works OK.
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