Best CPU with gtx 650 ti 2 gb

Please tell a good CPU that will give high performance ie fps game ......
I currently have fx 6100 CPU and gigabyte 970ads3....."""if. Suggesting intel please also tell motherboard also .......please tell the cheapest one that give high performance in games ..
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  1. i would suggest an i3 with a B75 board or an i5 if u can afford it
  2. Which one can u tell me in
  3. an u give a budget?
    ann i3 will cost u ~7500 and an i5 ~12500
    a B75 board will be 4-5k
  4. It would be more economical to get a 6300, which outperforms an i3. If you can, get an 8320/50. They can perform at about the same level as an i5. Note that you could keep your mobo (Which is pretty good) if you go for my advice.
  5. Ok ....but I want to play crysis 3 lag free ...currently there's are some sudden strange fps drop in crysis3 ............I am getting 60 I move mouse cursor left or right it drop to 30 ...with a sluggish feel ......and during cutscenes also ....will the processor mentioned above solve this issue ......I play on low with aa off.......I know my mobo is good I bought the processor and mono 2 months back only ....
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    the best u can get is an fx 8320 for 10050 which will b the best and more future proof dont shift from amd to intel it will cost u more instead get a decent budget and get a 7870 for u
  7. Thanks going fx 8320 ,,,,will update my gpu later this year .....
  8. But is 7870 is too expensive
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