Building an €800-1000 Gaming PC, need help trimming off the price.

I posted over on r/buildapc but the thread kind of got completely passed over so I decided to post this here.

I'm an American, but I'm currently staying with a Dutch (Netherlands for those of you who don't know) friend for a month, and they wanted me to help them build a gaming PC so they can be done with their horrible laptop. Needless to say, I expected this to be a lot easier than it's turning out to be. Most of this comes about by not being able to use the sources I've come to know (read Newegg). Thus we've sort of ended up searching for the best Dutch alternative we can find, .

Basically, I've been messing around with it, but as someone who doesn't speak Dutch, it's a bit frustrating to even do the research. They'd ideally like the price to be closer to the €800 mark, but the total budget is €1000. I've compiled a base list of parts and put in their price (in Euros, even tho it'll say dollars) on pcpartpicker.
From here, I need suggestions on where to shave off excess spending to get down into budget range. Ideally, I'd like to keep the core components like the processor and graphics card the same/around where they are now, but if need be, sacrifice is acceptable. Also, if you're aware of a substancially better Dutch/European PC parts website, feel free to throw that out as well.

Parts list on PCPartPicker

Some final notes, I went with the 3570k because I've seen less than stellar things about Haswell and a lot of the Z87 boards.

As for that specific GTX 670, it's by far the cheapest on Azerty, the only thing coming close to it being the ASUS DCMOC, which I'm not really sure about at all.
Aside from that, I just need all your suggestions, thanks.
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  1. Bumping this up because we're on a bit of a time crunch to get this done and I'd really appreciate some help.
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