Fractal design define r4 cooling help??

This is my first time building my computer

I am Using a fractal design define r4 case.
And i am scare that the heat will go up , because the case is like covered by the sponge in every airhole . And if i add fans i am scared that it will be noisy .

Which position should i install the fan for intake and exhaust?
and which position should i install the fan to have stable quietness and coolness??

And Which 140mm fan is the best quiet and cooling airflow??
please give me some suggestion..
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    You need to tell us about your system. The case is designed to provide optimal cooling for almost any system and unless you are overclocking a lot you shouldn't need to add any extra fans at all. I have the FD Arc Midi R-2 and the existing fans work just fine at the medium level even when I'm gaming (which isn't all that much as I mainly use the PC for photo editing).
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