Computer won't boot no matter what I try

A few months ago I was running a Phenom x6 1055t with a CoolIT watercooler. To my despair the cooler gave up and burst over my system. Luckily, most components stayed relatively dry but the graphics card took the majority of the liquid.

After drying everything fully I tried booting up the system but got nothing. Since, I have tried the same setup with different RAM, a different Motherboard (which I also tried the on-board video card) in many combinations and have recently purchased the FX8350. Still with a new CPU I get no BIOS beep, and no boot.

I've tried loading from the Windows disk but still I have no boot. Is there anyone else who has experienced such a problem, or can anyone suggest anything else I should try or anything else to replace? Thanks
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    If your GPU got hit with water that it is possible that it also damaged your Power Supply. Even if you get system fan start-up, that doesn't mean that the other power rails aren't shot. Unfortunately with water damage diagnosing a problem isn't straight forward. But, my first step would be to find a different PSU to test, if you haven't already.
  2. Hey, thanks for your reply and forgive me for my delay. I ordered a new PSU and it was delivered yesterday. I've hooked it up to my PC and yet I still have no boot. Contemplating either purchasing new Mobo, a new GPU or just purchase both together. Would you say the motherboard is the most likely cause now?


    Also just thought, my disc drive wouldn't remain open when trying with the previous PSU - but now with the new one installed the disc drive is operating properly (which leads me to think the PSU could've been part of the problem.)
  3. Sounds like you're on the right track, especially with seeing the change in operation with new power supply. I think your next step would be a motherboard, and I wouldn't be surprised if the graphics card also needed replacing.

    Water damage really sucks, hopefully you can get this fixed up without replacing everything.

    Sorry for my even longer delay in response - I frequent Tom's randomly whenever I have free time at work, which hasn't happened much in the last 2 months.
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