Replacement side panel for my case?

I bought a new 200mm fan for my Apevia X-plorer2 case. It is a Cooler Master Megaflow 200mm fan with Red LED. The fan that came with my case is weak and I thought a better fan would add more cooling. Problem is I cant just simply screw in the new fan because the tabs on my side panel are raised and the new fan simply will not fit as it has tabs on both sides of the fan and its taller i am wondering if there is somewhere to buy replacement panels with fan mounts installed somewhere that would fit my case?
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  1. Are screws too short? You can remove tabs ? And buy new longer screws and bolts if you need.
  2. no there are little posts sticking out of the panel itself and i can probably remove the tabs on the fan if i had the right tools which i dont i guess im just gonna have to return the fan i havent found any replacements and doing the work myself isnt an option with no tools :(
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