Ram Voltage going to be a problem for the Asus Maximus VI Hero?

Hello :), i am saving some money at the moment so i can get the parts for my first pc build, but when i checked on the motherboards etc. i read that some motherboards benefit more from 1.5V ram sticks, rather then the 1.65V. I was going to get the Kingston HyperX Beast 8gb 1600Mhz yet i noticed that it is the 1.65V. So my question is, will i be alright with the Beast RAM-sticks or will i have to change them to be more beneficial. :) Thank you in advance :)
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    There has been a bogus myth that just won't die on this subject tot he effect that SB / IB / HW need 1.5 volt RAM. Despite all the times this is debunked, still people keep parroting this information.

    First, if ya MoBo had a problem with it, the BIOS would tell you, when you try and input dangerous settings it turns red. As for Intel's supposed objection to 1.5 volts, 1.5 volts is for the JDEC profiles .... but most RAM speeds are advertised and labeled based upon their XMP profiles......most XMP profiles for i5 and i7 RAM is 1.65. In fact, over 2/3 of the RAM on Intel's XMP compatible list are over 1.50 volts.

    I have seen many posts saying "Well that's a MoBo manufacturer thing". No....Intel sets the XMP profile. I agree, Intel's JDEC specifications stipulate 1.5 volts .... for JDEC profiles ..... but XMP "allows compatible DDR3 memory to perform beyond standard specifications" and is "predefined and tested" by Intel

    Intel® Extreme Memory Profile (Intel® XMP) allows you to overclock compatible DDR3 memory to perform beyond standard specifications. It’s designed to enhance the gaming features built into Intel® technology–based PCs. If you like to overclock and squeeze as much performance from your PC as possible, then memory based on Intel XMP gives you that extra edge you need to dominate—without breaking a sweat.

    Predefined and tested Intel XMP profiles can be loaded via BIOS or a specific tuning application through a computer’s operating system. Often the easiest way to load Intel XMP profiles is using a tuning utility, which may be available depending on the particular board manufacturer. To learn whether a tuning utility is available on your system, you should contact the board manufacturer.

    Again, most listed compatible i5 / i7 RAM is 1.65 .... at least according to Intel's compatibility lists

    Intel's approved i7 Compatibilty List (April 2012) includes:

    34 1.65 volt modules
    07 1.60 volt modules
    19 1.50 volt modules
    01 1.25 volt modules
  2. The board will default to 1.50V at first POST. Provided the modules can POST at 1.50V with JEDEC timings to allow you to get into UEFI and load the XMP you should be fine.

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