Need same explanation with ram v1.65

Hello. I kind confused about rams with v 1.65. Are they stable as 1.5 or they should better avoided since they can cause damage.

PS.Maybe anyone used this rams CORSAIR DDR3 1600MHz 8GB 2x240 DIMM Unbuffered 9-9-9-24 1.65V XMS3 DOMINATOR with DHX+ - Core i7 i5 and Core 2 with Connector are they good?
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    Intel calls for DRAM at UP TO 1.55 for stock settings (preferable is 1.5).....most builders won't touch DRAM if 1866 or below unless it's 1.5, 1.65 is generally acceptable for DRAM freqs of 2133 and 1600, DRAM with a need for 1.65 prob has weak IC's (memory chips and needs the extra voltage just to get by at 1600
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