Havok 140 on Asus z77 Sabertooth moba: Will it fit?

Can anyone tell me if The Havik (nzxt)140 Will fit the Asus z77 lga 1155 mobo? I was looking at getting the Noctua dh-14 but its SO big and i don't like the brown. The Havik has gotten as good reviews, is cheaper, and cools just as well!
It states it fits lga 1155 sockets, but it looks like it wont clear the RAM. please help, as they are only available on amazon now!
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    Yep, no problem, it'll run on the 1155 Sabertooth
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Yep, no problem, it'll run on the 1155 Sabertooth

    Thank you very much! Wanted to make sure before i order something i can't send back... Nzxt fans aren't as bad as people say (the normal 120.140.200 case fans) and this one has great reviews. Thanks for helping my purchase!
  3. Drop an update when all done, have fun!
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