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Ok so here is the issue: I used the laptop for 1 month now and recently when I playing games(league of legends) red dots come out of my screen 1 minute in the game. It won't disappear until I quit the game and after a few seconds they disappear. Browsing websites are all fine unless playing league of legends. But recently when I tried to play another match on league of legends the screen the screen flickers and suddenly it turned black. Laptop is still running but there is no display at all. I can hear the background game sound and when I force turned the laptop off and tried to turn it on again it's just black screen but the laptop is booting up. Please help!
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    Sounds like you have one of two problems.

    A - Artifacting caused by a defective/dying graphics card.
    B - The monitor itself is broken/defective.

    Does this only happen on league of legends and when you play that game?

    For now all i can suggest you do is use an external monitor by hooking your laptop to it via HDMI as an example and running the game seeing if the same thing happens, if it works through an external monitor your graphics card is fine and it is the laptops monitor that is broke if it doesn't work through the external monitor it is highly likely your graphics card is broke.
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