HDD Issues - Windows 7 Freezes and Restarts

So today I built a new system. The components are as follows:

I5 4670K
Corsair XMS3 1333 3x2 GB (a rather old one with 7-7-7-21 timings but it's working at 9-9-9-24)
Chieftec 650 Power Supply (Using a 6+2 pin to connect to the Video Card which has only one 8-pin connector)
2 x WD Caviar Black - one is 1TB the other 750GB (this one was bought about 3-4 years ago).
Windows 7 64 Ultimate

The issue I have is that whenever I try to copy files from the old drive to the new one or I am just messing around installing drivers and programs the system would freeze. Nothing fixes it apart from a hard restart. I don't get any BSODs or anything else. I try to copy a folder from the old drive to the new and it might copy for 10 mins and then freeze or freeze right away. It also froze when a torrent file I was downloading was being rechecked. I have absolutely no idea what's causing this so any help would be appreciated.

I tried to copy a large folder (100gb) from the 750 gb to the 1TB drive and it was all going well until Windows just froze (couldn't move mouse, numpad wasn't turning the light on/off), the hdd indicator was light up and then all of a sudden the PC reset itself.

Also HDTune reported 9 CRC Errors on the 750 GB drive (10 with the last reset) and 2 on the new one.

I have absolutely no idea what's causing this so any help would be appreciated. Scanning now for errors.
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  1. Any sort of advice would be really nice since i'm quite frankly stuck with this. I tried scanning for errors with HD tune but the PC froze while doing it and reset itself. I've tried changing the voltages on the ram from 1.5 to 1.55, 1.560, 1.580 to no avail. I haven't changed timings. I did enable the XMP profile in the BIOS but it set the voltage of the RAM to 1.65 so I toned it down to 1.55.
    No matter what I do whenever i try to copy a large file or install things the thing would freeze, sometimes after a minute, sometimes after 30 minutes, and only a reset fixes it. When I am just opening folders or browsing it seems to work fine. Temps are all very low ( 35 for the processor with stock cooler on idle, same for the video, and around 40 for the MB, hard drive sits at 35 too) I can't find any error logs.
    I changed the SATA cables with brand new ones, disconnected the old drive.... Nothing helps. The same freezes occur with only the new 1TB drive plugged in (when downloading something for example).
  2. Ok, something new i've noticed. When the system freezes my keyboard and mouse turn off. Moving them to a new USB slot does not help.
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