is sapphire ati radeon hd 6670 1gb gddr5 good for gaming

im new here and i wanted to ask if i can get some help please

im planning to buy 6670 and i want to know about it
here is the link :
so please help me and my resolution is 1366x768 i want to play games like
watch dogs - splinter cell blacklist - bf4 - cod ghosts and all new games
so can this card handle it on 1366x768 resolution
please answer and thank you
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  1. You are gonna need a bit more graphics power for newer games. An HD7770/GTX650ti.
  2. yes but my budget is 100$ i cant add more and
    maybe 7750 is good right?
  3. Best answer
    Well its much better than the HD6670. Just make sure its the HD7750 with GDDR5 memory.
  4. No one can give info on what can run BF4 because it hasn't been released thus untested.
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