Cpu fan takes ages to spin up, boot loop

Hi there,
I'd like some help with an issue, please.

Built a new machine, been using it for 10 days now.

CPU: i5 4570 , using stock cpu fan.
MB: MSI B85M-G43
GC: MSI HD7750
RAM: 2x4gb 1600MHz
HDD: WD 1TB blue
Case/PSU: Thermaltake v4 and included 500w psu.

On power up, the system fan appears and sounds like it spins up alright, but the CPU fan doesn't. All lights flash, hard drive spins momentarily, then it all powers down, before repeating. This used to happen 4-5 times before it finally spun up and the system booted, but now it takes 15, even 20 times.

If I turn off the computer though, and turn it back on maybe even 3 to 4 hours later, there's no such "boot loop", which makes me think it could be the cpu just needing to warm up. So, I've disabled bios fan control, (now controlling it via speedfan) but still same thing happens next day.

CPU fan is plugged into 4pin CPUFAN on motherboard, put it in the SYSFAN header, same thing.

As I said, its booting ok, but it just doesnt seem too normal. Has anyone gone through the same thing and managed to solve this, or would anyone have any ideas how to go about solving this?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks
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    What's your PSU? might be undersized, or could be the mobo isn't initializing properly
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