which one should I upgrade first GPU or CPU..

I have an MSI N450GTS and Intel i3 540..
I have plant to upgrade my GPU to HD 7850 or equal..
but someone said that it will be bottle neck..

could anybody give recommendation which one should I upgrade first that would increase my PC performance in gaming.??
a GPU or an I3 3220 with MOBO.??
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  1. You are a gamer so go with the GPU. Unless you play mmos, which are notoriously cpu intensive, you will be more than good.
  2. A gpu will be better, but the i3 will definitely bottleneck in games.
    What's your budget?
  3. Even if it bottlenecks, you'll get better performance with the i3 and 7850, than an i5 and 450gts. So at that point, go with what will give you the most performance, the Gpu upgrade.

    Right now you can get a 7850 for about 130, while a 7870ghz edition will cost you 166. I'd seriously think about the 7870ghz card.
  4. realchaos said:

    What's your budget?

    I dont know how to say In "$",,
    let's say I can have MSI HD 7850 2GB DDR5 R7850-TwinFrozer 2GD5/OC OR intel i3 3220+ASRock P75 Pro3

    but maybe im going to get a GPU first
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    Fair enough, get the video card first.
  6. Yeah just grab the gpu first and then slowly upgrade your motherboard+processor.
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