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I was thinking about the g400:
apparently it has a flawless sensor or something, but the g500 ( is on sale for less and has more programmable buttons so what do you think?
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  1. G500 for sure , you'll never regret this choice .
  2. G500 is an awesome mouse. I had one for 4 years that needed to be replaced and went with something else and regretted it. I looked for one high and low under $50.00 and now they have it on sale after I bought the G700. I bought it because it has the same button layout as the earlier G500 and it was $45.00 shipped from Newegg refurbished over the weekend. It came down to the G500, the G500s and the G700. I'd never tried a cordless mouse and gave it a shot.
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    Yep as the others say the G500 is a good mouse. High DPI, feels great etc etc.

    However Roccat have good mouses for around the same price.
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